My Real Resume

Resumes are a bit boring to me. There are some fantastically designed ones but in the end they say all the same things. What if we could do a resume for the things we thought were cool? Things that relate to a job but really just show who we are and some cool things we've done or experiences we've had.

This would be what mine said. It's in progress and think it always will be. It's hard to format in my blogger template so sorry about the way it looks.

If I had to do a summary it would go like this:

Remember when you were a kid and you'd go to the dentist? At the end they'd
hand you a bucket with toys you could pick out. You'd be in pure delight and
wonder over all the choices. Should you get the super ball? The parachute guy?
The tiny squirt gun? The toy camera? You'd be all a flutter with your choice and
be smiling from ear to ear...

That's the kind of the experiences I want to bring to people.

I have FPO tattooed on both my forearms because I love what I do. I’ve gotten
to do some really cool things, not sure if it’s luck, not sure if it’s skill, but I know
I don’t do things the normal way.

For what it's worth I'd pick the toy camera and then give a cute face and try to grab a super ball too.

Chewing gum mogul

Seventh and Eight grade

As an early entrepreneur I was selling chewing gum in between class bells.
With a 150% mark up I was pulling in between $5 and $20 per week.
Unfortunately I squandered my fortune on candy and Mad Magazines.

Award winning photographer 

Summer of 1987

Won an award for best photo of the week in the Camp Woodward photography class.
With a tough field of five young teens I was seen as a standout.

Runner up 

Winter 91/92

Made the last call for the first season of Real World. They were so cheap then that I had
to drive from Cincinnati to NYC in a snow storm. The experience was great. I later found
out I was up for the part that Julie got. She was cuter than me and agreed to meet her
estranged father for the show. I didn’t agree to the same. All in all I’m glad I didn’t make it.


sometime in 1997

I shot for Raygun magazine. If you remember Raygun you know they were awesome. I met
with them on a trip to LA in which I crashed my rental car on the way back. Crashed it right
into a vintage car... Luckily they had a metal bumper and were unharmed... My hood was
not looking good.

And I didn't get insurance because my mom said that my car insurance would cover but I had
to throw down $500 for the deductible... That sucked when my yearly income was about $1500.

But I got a job out of it. I shot Jim O'Rourke for an inside spread. Truly a great and fun shoot.
And I was offered $50 to shoot it. However my buddy who wrote for them occasionally said
I'd never get paid... And I spent probably around $80 on film and processing... So all in all I
was down $580 for that shot.

Well worth it as shooting for Raygun was one of my goals as a photographer.

Faux-hawk guy

November 2006

Dr Maya Angelou complimented me on my hair. She said she liked it.  It was a nice little
faux-hawk. Ironically I was told just a couple weeks before that my hair “is a little
unprofessional but it’s your thing”. 

For what it’s worth Maya Angelou is one of the most amazing people you can hang with for
a day. We spent the day at her house and the whole photo and video crew left walking on air.

Came full circle

January 2007

I spent a week at the Target Chalet at the 2007 Winter X-Games. My official reason to be there
was to take photos for the internal Target Magazine. It was there that I met Gary Ream. 

Gary was is the owner of Camp Woodward... Remember them from my photo award? We
chatted and I told him that without the photo class I may have never been a photographer.
And without being a photographer I may have never become a designer. And had I not been
a designer I would probably not be having that conversation with him. It was pretty cool.

Also cool was getting a massage 20 feet away from Mat Hoffman. Growing up he was one
of my favorite freestyle BMX riders. We hung most of the week. It was truly a great experience.

Joy rider

April 2007

I got to ride Mat Hoffman’s bike. On a second photo shoot I found myself in Mat’s hometown
in Oklahoma. I got to ride one of his bikes in a bike park he built. Technically life could get
cooler than that but not by much.


Sometime in 2008

I was working on concepts for a newspaper ad for breast cancer awareness for Target with my
copywriter Adam Reynolds. We had a concept that had an ad running through the whole paper
from the front page to the back. We pitched it to many newspapers and none would allow an ad
on the front page. 

Months later our CMO, Michael Francis, spoke to the Newspaper Association of America and
relayed the story of our trying to get the ad buy. He mentioned that papers should be open to
change, especially for unique concepts. 

In 2009 the New York Times started putting ads on the front page. We like to think we had a
lot to do with that... 


January 2010

Labor was a collaborative process but during labor I was responsible for playlist among other
things. I was complimented on my addition of “Push it” by Salt-n-Pepa.


June 2011

Had my first word accepted into the Urban Dictionary. The word is gobot poor which refers
to a kid who grew up playing with Gobots instead of Transformers because he/she was not as
rich as others.


September 2011

I had a Moosejaw soft shelljacket named after me. Called the Kenny Friedman Softshell Jacket.
It came about when they were holding a Humans of Influence promotion and were asking folks
why they thought they should have a piece of clothing named for them.

I wrote up a little letter and posted in on my blog... Bam, a long 10 months later I had the jacket
and people were able to buy and wear me.


July 2013

I had my six seconds of fame (and then later a few more six seconds) when one of my Vine
videos was featured on a Mashable Vine Challenge. Scroll down a little to see two of Jesse
LeDoux's Critter Splitter dogs falling in love. The challenge was special connections and I
made this one the day DOMA was struck down to celebrate.

Job Getter  

March 2014

I got a job not entirely because of this resume, I've done some good stuff,  but it was a factor in showing my voice, creativity and who I am so I'll say that's a win for this resume.


November 2016

I suppose if you go through my twitter history I have probably been in various, amazingly named, bands since 5th grade... But it wasn't until November 2016 that I had a place to share the names of the bands I was in. The list grows weekly.

Select feedback

Many clients have liked my work but I felt I should share some recent positive feedback. 

I created a spec logo for a client who replied via twitter:

“this is so perfect. Elegant and boner inducing.” – Dax Shepard


“I like u, ur lists, and ur friends. I perused ur page cuz I’m nosy & I like food 
& u mention food a lot. Xo” – Kristen Bell

“you’re amazing.” – Brandee Brown

“Who is this @smonkyou and why is he so damn hilarious?” Jen Hajer


“BEST TWEET EVER” – Pax Paxochka

“Best tweet of the night.” – @poeiap

I've also been told by a few people that my hair dries fast. I think this could come in handy someday. 

This resume has already received positive feedback so I thought I should share.

“this resume is a great read” – Kristen Bell, again