FLOR rebrand

This effort started with an extensive internal effort to update FLOR's value proposition and messaging. We found that our messaging wasn't consumer friendly.

Historically FLOR lead communications talking about the pieces (carpet tiles) rather than the final product (area rugs). We realized this was harder for our residential customer to understand so we dropped "Carpet Design Squares" to "Creative Rug Design".

In addition to the value prop and messaging we needed an update to FLOR's visual identity, and continue with messaging, to give it a deeper connection to our product. We enlisted Firebelly to help us with that. The result was a beautiful system that has received great accolades including a mention on Under Consideration's Brand New blog as a best of 2016.

my involvement: creative direction
art and copy: Firebelly

FLOR X Rene Gagnon Notebooks

Working with Rene Gagnon we created 200 one of a kind FLOR branded notebooks for a press event. Using silkscreen over spray paint Rene brought the kinetic creative feeling of FLOR to our press giveaway.

my involvement: concept and creative direction
artwork: Rene Gagnon

Elvis and Kresse for FLOR

In 2015 FLOR launched a new line of rugs in partnership with Elvis and Kresse. In addition to POS messaging and digital support we created the below video to share the Elvis and Kresse story and show why our partnership was a natural connection.

my involvement: creative direction
copy: Cara Suglich
video production: Katie Wrobel

Launch of ScotchBlue Painter's Tape for Exterior Surfaces

Brochure cover and supporting photos


Early in 2013 we helped launch ScotchBlue™ Painter's Tape for Exterior Surfaces. From in-store print materials to informational retailer videos to trade show support and more we helped this awesome tape stand out. Shot in Minneapolis in the winter in-studio we got these elements out super quickly from concept to launch.

Not only did we create these elements but we created the creative positioning, guidelines and tagline for this product launch.

my involvement: concept and creative direction
associate creative director: Mark Wedlund
designer: Matt MacKenzie
photo: Gamut One
film and video: Wide Angle and Nick Kesler

Quite possibly my favorite project: Target House Carnival

There are a few reasons this was one of my favorite projects. I got to work with one of my favorite copywriters (who is now an actor), Shawn Boyd. An awesome illustrator and now a friend Jesse LeDoux. It was for a great cause, St Jude Children's Research Hospital. And it was one of the most collaborative projects I've ever worked on.

Shawn and I got the assignment which concept themes for 4 carnivals that Target sponsors at their Target House at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Elements for the events included these posters, t-shirts and signage at the events.

We knew right away that we wanted Jesse LeDoux to work on it...but the problem was we were asked to use a licensed  property that Target was working with. Just before the 11th hour we realized that we weren't going to get the assets we needed from that property...so we pitched our original ideas with Jesse as our illustrator.

The ideas were sold in easily but we ran into problem number 2...Jesse was busy and in Japan.

But we knew his weakness...he always wanted to design an amusement park which is why our first illustration is a water ride.

Once that first carnival was in the bag we started on the other. We had phone calls at weird times because of the time difference. Heard great stories of Jesse's new finds in Japanese vending machines and saw a picture of him holding a bottle of vodka with a cobra in it.

We also had awesome brainstorms, the kind that you never forget and come out with too many good ideas. Even though we were across a ton of land and water they were really colloborative with Jesse, Shawn and me all throwing out the weirdest things we could think to add to the posters to make them fun.

That's why you'll see a fish fishing, a pig in a blanket sleeping under a bed, a bouncer with a paddle ball, and an elephant dressed as himself for a Halloween party.

Truly a great project to work on and we couldn't have pulled it off with any other illustrator. Check out Jesse's site here. If you need and illustrator for an upcoming project I highly recommend him.

my involvement: creative direction, concept and art direction
the team: Writer – Shawn Boyd, Illustrator – Jesse LeDoux

FLOR By Design Campaign

By Design, FLOR's first influencer campaign, works to connect the brand with people that inspire us. The By Design team are influencers and brand advocates that share our values of creating beautiful and inspiring things that are good for the planet and communities.

It started in Fall 2016 with a segment in our catalog. In 2017 we will be amplifying the campaign in other channels.

my involvement: concept and creative direction
design and copy: Firebelly